Participatory Art Linking Jerusalems in USA with the Original in Israel

JerUSAlem-USA is a participatory art project that links the twenty places in the United States called ‘Jerusalem’ with the original Jerusalem in Israel for which they are named.  There are Jerusalems in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, and Vermont.  The name of these America Jerusalems was inspired by the Bible where we read about King David establishing Jerusalem as the capital of the unified state of the Israelite nation 3,013 years ago.  Today, Jerusalem is the vibrant capital of the modern State of Israel.

Invitation to Participate

JerUSAlem-USA invites residents and visitors to the twenty Jerusalems in USA to participate in this art project by sending photographs of everyday life (people, homes, stores, community events and celebrations, flora and fauna, scenery, and signs showing the name ‘Jerusalem’).  These photographs are matched by images of everyday life in Jerusalem, Israel, and posted at  The juxtaposition of photographs of the original Jerusalem with those from the twenty American Jerusalems creates an interactive network of people with shared values that deepens the friendship between them. In addition to being posted on the art project blog, the matched images will be exhibited in museums and art galleries in Israel and USA, and published in a book JerUSAlem.